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Interview with Earl Maneein from Resolution15; Playing Bowery Ballroom tonight (3/16) @resolution15

Svaha cover high res

New York City 4-piece Resolution15 play thrash inspired hardcore metal with a violin… THAT is frickin’ awesome! Seriously… Check THIS SHIT out! If you like metal and can’t get into that, I don’t know if there’s any hope for you, but I digress…

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Album Review for 96’s Hotfoot Record debut, “Caught In The Grips.”


“Gimme a muthafuckin’ Iced T! No ice!” North New Jersey hardcore group 96’s new album, “Caught in The Grips,” just dropped on Hotfoot Records, and if you’ve ever been able to relate with the opening sentence and like your music testy, this one is for you.

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Interview with Josh Sinder from THE INSURGENCE; New album Elimi-Nation out now on Innerstrength Records @theinsurgence


PUNK FUCKING ROCK! That’s what I’m talking about! Washington’s The Insurgence offer what every beaten down, worn out, angry-as-hell punker needs in their life: Blasting tempos, gruff vocals, and enough high-octane crunch to set any venue on fire. If the world was all roses, we’d have no need for such things, but it sort of makes me happy knowing that we’re an imperfect species on an imperfect planet, and constructive ways of release like The Insurgence are out there.

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Interview with Dave and Brett from Bostonian Thrash Metallers REVOCATION! @revocation @scionav @relapserecords


Formed in 2006, Boston, Massachusetts thrash/death metal band Revocation are continuing to whip up a storm of metallic intensity, much to the delight of tech-metal solo enthusiasts and fans of whirlwind tempos. I’m sold… Sign me up!

Currently touring in support of their 2011 release Chaos Of Forms, on Relapse Records, as well as Teratogenesis, presented by Scion AV, the now 4-piece group is just finished out The Deconsecrate The Nation Tour with The Haarp Machine and The Faceless, which made its way to Syracuse on a Wednesday night. How’s that for a little mid-week mayhem?!

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Show Review for Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival 8/1/12 – Darien Lake

This year’s installment of the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival made its way at Buffalo, NY’s Darien Lake this year, and metal heads of all ages made their way from rollercoaster to moshpit on a warm, comfortable day. Buffalo will probably get buried in a few feet of snow come September, so it was nice to have a good day to celebrate a 4-way metal legend extravaganza! The lineup, consisting of Anthrax, Motorhead, Slayer, and Slipknot, made no bones about what the day was going to bring forth. Stripped down from the full tour lineup, it was basically a “Headliners Only” showcase. It would’ve been cool to see the entire package in a day, but I was happy to only catch the cream. Read More…

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