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Interview with Trey from DYING FETUS; Reign Supreme (Relapse Records) in stores! @dyingfetusband @relapserecords


Death Metal has been around for quite a while now. I can recall practicing with my Ska band in some crack house on the Northside of Syracuse that must have had 20 death metal bands rehearsing, squatting, or otherwise growling over distorted guitars at any given time. It was pretty fun!

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Interview with Brian Fair from SHADOWS FALL; Fire From the Sky in stores NOW! @shadowsfallband @razorandtie


Boston’s Shadows Fall continue to blaze a trail of hardcore inspired metal chaos all over the world, leaving little else but charred ashes in their wake. After 7 albums, the 5-piece is still pushing the boundaries of modern metal music and inspiring any number of promising young fans to learn how to shred. Seriously. The proof can be seen by members’ often-flooded lesson schedules while on the road.
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Interview with Jonathan Carpenter from THE CONTORTIONIST; Touring with @Deftones 3/4/13 in Rochester!!! @tcband @goodfightent


Indianapolis, Indiana quintet The Contortionist is another fine example of A&R selection from Good Fight Music. With the rise of progressive metal in recent years, and no shortage of limber-fingered shredders vying for a higher ranking in the metal food chain, Good Fight continues to show good judgment and support for their artists to help propel them to the forefront of the genre. Kudos!

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