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UME Interview with Lauren Larson & Album Review by Kira

Power trios are a lot of fun to watch, but it seems like a tough gig. It takes a certain type of musical chemistry between members to pull off a successful 3-piece act, one that requires instrumental proficiency, intrigue, and sonic complexity. But it never hurts having a very attractive guitar player in the band, either.

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The Toadies Interview with Clark Vogeler

It must be an unwritten rule of pop culture that bands from 20 years ago are destined to get popular again. Can anyone out there explain this phenomenon? Is it because old folks (like me) want to remember their youth, or the youth who weren’t born yet the first time around need to somehow seem credible in their fanhood? A bit of both, perhaps? Doesn’t matter to me all that much, especially when bands like The Toadies team up with a band like Helmet to do a co-headlining tour. Kudos whoever thought this one up!

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