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Interview with James from MAKE DO AND MEND; Watch new video for “Disassemble” right here! @makedoandmendyo @riserecords


Make Do and Mend are currently on the road bringing their infectiously melodic punk sound to ravenous fans and first time listeners everywhere. Forming in 2006, the Boston-by-way-of Hartford, Ct. band has several recordings and show performances under their belts, and will undoubtedly be hitting someplace near you in the future… These guys are working very hard at their craft, so make sure to go check them out.

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Interview with Jason Black from HOT WATER MUSIC; Hitting the road Jan/Feb 2013 @hotwatermusic @riserecords


Gainesville, Florida is one of the reigning champion locations of modern punk rock. In addition to being a popular college town, Gainesville has birthed some of the most popular and influential acts of our day, including Against Me!, Less Than Jake, and the topic of this write up, Hot Water Music.

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Thick As Blood “Living Proof” Album Review

Florida hardcore group, Thick as Blood, is back with their third release, “Living Proof,” since their sophomore effort, “Embrace,” in 2009.

11 tracks of high octane material in under 30 minutes is impressive. First impressions of the overall work: the performance execution is done well, (they all know how to do what they do and sound tight doing it) and the combined lyrics and intense pounding would make any gym goer push that much harder past their last rep.

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