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RSD 2013 is 4/20/13, and The List is now live! @recordstoreday


The countdown begins!

Ok, for all you vinylphiles, and everyone interested in keeping independent record stores alive, Record Store Day 2013 is almost upon us. On April 20th, select independent outlets are going to get a slew of exclusive, rare, and regional releases from some of the best known and loved acts around, as well as a few noobs on the come-up.

You can find the complete list of titles available RIGHT HERE. Get out there and support your local retailers, favorite artists, and help keep your independent record stores alive! They count on days like this to help their bottom line, so save, scrounge, and return bottles to keep them going for another year!


Gwar Interview with Dave Brockie (a.k.a. Odorus Urungus)

Faux red blood and green alien cum smattered all over the audience, elaborate monster costumes, and comically brutal metal music. Yep, that could only mean one thing… GWAR is in the house! This gang of alien musical misfits fits so perfectly into the epicness of metal’s over-the-top nature that one would be hard pressed to find a better example of how much one band can put into a live show.

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