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Album Review for 96’s Hotfoot Record debut, “Caught In The Grips.”


“Gimme a muthafuckin’ Iced T! No ice!” North New Jersey hardcore group 96’s new album, “Caught in The Grips,” just dropped on Hotfoot Records, and if you’ve ever been able to relate with the opening sentence and like your music testy, this one is for you.

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Interview with Josh Sinder from THE INSURGENCE; New album Elimi-Nation out now on Innerstrength Records @theinsurgence


PUNK FUCKING ROCK! That’s what I’m talking about! Washington’s The Insurgence offer what every beaten down, worn out, angry-as-hell punker needs in their life: Blasting tempos, gruff vocals, and enough high-octane crunch to set any venue on fire. If the world was all roses, we’d have no need for such things, but it sort of makes me happy knowing that we’re an imperfect species on an imperfect planet, and constructive ways of release like The Insurgence are out there.

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Interview with Jonnie Baker from THE GROUNDBREAKING CEREMONY! @GCBrock

The Groundbreaking Ceremony is a pop punk band, pure and simple. Pop punk dead? Never. There’ll always be kids getting into Punk via the newer, friendly style of bands, and Punk’s history is strong enough where, one would hope, these new fans will find inspiration and passion for the oft-maligned art form through these contemporary artists.

And make no mistake… The Groundbreaking Ceremony is a very good example of what the kids are into these days, and blew their fan base wide open this past Summer as they strutted their stuff on Warped Tour for the entire run. Though not what it used to be, Summer’s most anticipated punk rock tour has managed to stay current with upcoming talent, and gives many artists their first real taste of fame.

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Interview with Jake from THE CASUALTIES (@thecasualties); Playing Rochester, NY on Saturday 10/6/12

New York City is one of the Mecca’s for hardcore punk. The fast pace and volatility of such a dense environment continues to provide a rich stomping ground for innumerable punk and hardcore acts. I mean, what better place to rebel than the greatest city in the world? That being said, it is of no surprise that The Casualties would eventually come together to create one of the hardest working punk acts still around today.

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