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Interview with Justin Dehel from Philly’s GOOD GRACES urging you to “Get confident, stupid.” @stereokiller


Philadelphia punk rock upstarts Good Graces are a very young group just beginning to cut their teeth in the sadomasochistic world of music. Everyone starts at the beginning, but some groups just have a bit more going for them out of the gate than the others.

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Interview with James from MAKE DO AND MEND; Watch new video for “Disassemble” right here! @makedoandmendyo @riserecords


Make Do and Mend are currently on the road bringing their infectiously melodic punk sound to ravenous fans and first time listeners everywhere. Forming in 2006, the Boston-by-way-of Hartford, Ct. band has several recordings and show performances under their belts, and will undoubtedly be hitting someplace near you in the future… These guys are working very hard at their craft, so make sure to go check them out.

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Interview with Jake from THE CASUALTIES (@thecasualties); Playing Rochester, NY on Saturday 10/6/12

New York City is one of the Mecca’s for hardcore punk. The fast pace and volatility of such a dense environment continues to provide a rich stomping ground for innumerable punk and hardcore acts. I mean, what better place to rebel than the greatest city in the world? That being said, it is of no surprise that The Casualties would eventually come together to create one of the hardest working punk acts still around today.

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