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Interview with Collin McLoughlin; Auditioned for “The Voice” last night!

How about one for the ladies this time, huh? Pop music is the lifeblood of the music industry, and seemingly always has been. There are so many artists and groups striving for mainstream success that we often find ourselves inundated with a barrage of similar sounding, similar dressing, vain glorious divas (guys and girls) who think they have what it takes to conquer Billboard magazine. Most won’t, try as they might. But for the fans that like their pop sensibility with a strong dose of drive, ambition, and talent, be thankful you have cats like Collin McLoughlin out here making a go of it.

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Edna’s Goldfish Interview with Brian Diaz

Let it be well known that a band doesn’t have to be around very long to have a tremendous impact on their genre. From 1997-2000, Edna’s Goldfish set the Long Island Ska scene on fire with their infectiously poppy, ridiculously energetic live performances. Touring with many of the heavyweights of the genre, the group exploded in popularity and captivated listeners far and wide.

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The Oxymorrons Interview with D. and K.I.

“Trial by Fire” is never the best way to go into an interview with an artist, let alone 2 at the same time and their handlers. But this is exactly what happened to me on 3/1/12, when phone, Skype, and every other form of digital transmission failed at the last minute. AIM to the rescue, and thank you video chat function! Does anyone besides me still use this archaic method of communication?

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