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THE BRONX replacing Against Me! on upcoming Bad Religion tour. @the_bronx @badreligion

From Bad Religion’s Facebook Page:

Finding a band to fill in 5 days before a tour starts is incredibly tough. It’s harder than just calling Fat Mike at home to see what’s up. We’ve been busting our butts and I’m really happy to say that our friends The Bronx will be able to join us starting from Washington D.C. onward for the rest of the tour. We really do love them, and can’t thank them enough for stepping up to the plate at the last minute…

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Drummer Spotlight with STEVE PORT from POLAR BEAR CLUB @polarbearclub @sabian_vault @sjcdrums @remopercussion @vaterdrumsticks


What’s the biggest lie told to a drummer? 

Hang on a minute and I’ll help you with your gear.

Drummers always get a bum rap. Why is that? Ever seen a good band with a shitty drummer? No. Know why? BECAUSE THEY DON’T FUCKING EXIST. 

Drummers rule! We hit stuff, get peoples’ butts shaking, and ultimately determine whether or not the band is going to perform well. You CANNOT have a solid band without a solid drummer, so all you 6-string wankers out there with your tapping and flooded solos can suck it… This one is for the hitters. 

This time, I sat down with Polar Bear Club’s Steve Port. Always the road warrior, Steve’s hard work and drive have really paid of in making his own punk rock dreams come true. I’m sure he’ll have a good time hanging with his favorite band, Bad Religion, when PBC embark on a US tour with the long-running punk legends later this year!

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Polar Bear Club Interview with Erik “Goose” Henning

Perhaps I missed the boat a bit, but Polar Bear Club seemed to go from regional punk act to international sensation virtually overnight. Looking further into it, the 5-piece from Rochester/Syracuse, NY have pounded pavement harder than some truck drivers, and continue to do so with their constant touring.

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