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Interview with Tom McKee from BROTHERS PAST; Playing NYE in Philly! @brotherspast @blpfam

Philadelphia 4-piece Brothers Past has been active in the music scene for quite some time. Forming at the turn of the millennium, the group has garnered a passionate and devoted following in the electro-rock circuit, one that will certainly grow given the explosion of the genre into the mainstream music industry. Acoustic instrumentation coupled with electronic influence is all the rage these days, and it’s time to give credit where credit is due, because these guys have been at it for a while, and that quite well.

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Interview with Evan Friedell from JIMKATA (@jimkatamusic)! Playing NYE in Ithaca, NY @dansmalls

Energetic, electro-rock quartet Jimkata may be one of the best examples of a band that caught a serious break when electronic dance music and acoustic instrumentation caught the mainstream music industry’s eye. With heavy bass drops, sprinkled with tasty melodic embellishments and groovy instrumentation, Jimkata are a perfect fit within the new wave of electro-jam rock.

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