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Show Review for NEW RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE 10/5/12 Syracuse, NY by Stephanie

It’s tough to feel an up-close and personal connection with a band whose glory days passed decades before you were a glimmer of your parent’s imagination.  If you’re lucky enough, maybe mom and dad passed down their vinyl, and took you back in time to an era of trailblazers and musical pioneers.  In my case, New Riders of the Purple Sage was one of those bands that seemed like they could only exist on a record, or possibly even a fairytale, but certainly not real life.  I was a 6-year old girl singing “Panama Red,” thinking it was a song about a guy on a horse. I surely never thought that one day, 27 years later, I’d be buying tickets to a show right down the street. Read More…

Interview with Michael Falzarano from NEW RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE/HOT TUNA; Playing Syracuse 10/5/12!

Time to toss in a classic to bring on the nostalgia. Syracuse, NY is in for a rare treat on October 5th when New Riders Of The Purple Sage come to town! For those unfamiliar, meet the other band that Jerry Garcia, Mickey Hart, and Phil Lesh performed with. You know, The Grateful Dead guys? Don’t you feel silly, now?

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