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Interview with Mike Lock from BEYOND DISHONOR @beyonddishonor @beyondreese

beyond dishonor

Trenton, NJ’s Beyond Dishonor are a 5-piece playing some pretty brutal stuff, but they also seem to have quite a sense of humor about them. Their Facebook page looks like metalheads dream, with plenty of show announcements, links to some heavy jams, and all the while peppered with what looks to be some mighty fun gags.

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Album Review for 96’s Hotfoot Record debut, “Caught In The Grips.”


“Gimme a muthafuckin’ Iced T! No ice!” North New Jersey hardcore group 96’s new album, “Caught in The Grips,” just dropped on Hotfoot Records, and if you’ve ever been able to relate with the opening sentence and like your music testy, this one is for you.

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Interview with Joe Michelini from RIVER CITY EXTENSION

Tom’s River, NJ octet River City Extension is a band you fall in love with. I did, and if you give them a chance, you probably will, too. During SXSW 2012, I booked the 8-piece group from my hometown of Syracuse, NY, confident that the venue I was dealing with would make every accommodation for traveling acts and out of state promoters. Ahem… Beware, and get a contract. Lesson learned.

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Interview with Travis Paparoski from FiKus; Playing Catskill Chill

Electo-Funkadelic-Hip-Rock. Ok, I can get into that! River Vale, NJ’s Fikus is the official host band for all of the official Catskill Chill pre-parties for 2012, and that’s no short order to fill, so expect a wild time if you get to check them out. The 5 piece’s meshing of acoustic and electronic instrumentation in their songs exemplifies a strong desire to forge a bond between the two mediums, and their performances take fans on a wild ride full of energy and sonic bursts.

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