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Interview with Greg Thomas from MISERY SIGNALS; Prepping new album right now! @miserysignals


Milwaukee, Wisconsin isn’t the first place I would think to mention when asking or asked about where good heavy music comes from, but it is the hometown of Misery Signals, and they are fucking HEAVY! When they bring their technical virtuosity, vicious crunch, and polyrhythmic mayhem to the stage with them, spectators should prepare themselves for an all-out sonic assault… Bring it on!

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Interview with Josh Sinder from THE INSURGENCE; New album Elimi-Nation out now on Innerstrength Records @theinsurgence


PUNK FUCKING ROCK! That’s what I’m talking about! Washington’s The Insurgence offer what every beaten down, worn out, angry-as-hell punker needs in their life: Blasting tempos, gruff vocals, and enough high-octane crunch to set any venue on fire. If the world was all roses, we’d have no need for such things, but it sort of makes me happy knowing that we’re an imperfect species on an imperfect planet, and constructive ways of release like The Insurgence are out there.

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Review of FALL CITY FALL’s Victus album; Dropping 1/22/13 on Victory Records


Here’s one from Lord Covey before he hit the road with Shai Hulud. VICTUS is dropping on 1/22 via Victory Records, so cop it when it hits, or go pre-order it NOW for special deals and packages. Kudos, Calgary!

Fall City Fall – Victus (Victory Records)

The first full-length album from Calgary-based Fall City Fall, Victus, is billed by Victory Records as a truly boundary-pushing hardcore record. So, I was a bit skeptical when the record opens with a kinda standard-issue slowmotional hardcore intro song. But by the time the second tune, “Dissentipede,” gets going, it’s clear there is a bigger plan at work in FCF’s writing. In the first couple minutes, they slickly pull off a plot that feels distinctly like the layered reveal of a “monster next door” villain in a murder mystery…and you’ve realized just a little too late.

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Maryland Death Fest featuring, well, almost every extreme metal band ever.


See flyer, buy ticket, go to Maryland in May. Another stellar example of bookers going bonkers for bands. This is going to be very, very LOUD!

Thick As Blood “Living Proof” Album Review

Florida hardcore group, Thick as Blood, is back with their third release, “Living Proof,” since their sophomore effort, “Embrace,” in 2009.

11 tracks of high octane material in under 30 minutes is impressive. First impressions of the overall work: the performance execution is done well, (they all know how to do what they do and sound tight doing it) and the combined lyrics and intense pounding would make any gym goer push that much harder past their last rep.

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