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moe.down 13 – 8/10-12 in Turin, NY

Get ready for Moe.Down! Now in its 13th year, the long running jam rockers are set to rage out in a very familiar place this year. Returning to Snow Ridge Ski Resort in Turin, NY, Moe. will bring their dedicated followers and fun loving people from all around to just a short drive from wherever you may be (Alaska not included). But why wait until Labor Day for all the excitement when you can have it even sooner this year?

Moe.Down 13 will now take place on August 10-12, right in the prime of summertime! Certain to have all the bells and whistles you know and love them for, Moe. and Co. always promise a great weekend of musical entertainment, friendly folks, and plenty to keep you occupied on the grounds. Just check out the lineup for 2012!

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