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Interview with Greg Thomas from MISERY SIGNALS; Prepping new album right now! @miserysignals


Milwaukee, Wisconsin isn’t the first place I would think to mention when asking or asked about where good heavy music comes from, but it is the hometown of Misery Signals, and they are fucking HEAVY! When they bring their technical virtuosity, vicious crunch, and polyrhythmic mayhem to the stage with them, spectators should prepare themselves for an all-out sonic assault… Bring it on!

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Interview with Dave and Brett from Bostonian Thrash Metallers REVOCATION! @revocation @scionav @relapserecords


Formed in 2006, Boston, Massachusetts thrash/death metal band Revocation are continuing to whip up a storm of metallic intensity, much to the delight of tech-metal solo enthusiasts and fans of whirlwind tempos. I’m sold… Sign me up!

Currently touring in support of their 2011 release Chaos Of Forms, on Relapse Records, as well as Teratogenesis, presented by Scion AV, the now 4-piece group is just finished out The Deconsecrate The Nation Tour with The Haarp Machine and The Faceless, which made its way to Syracuse on a Wednesday night. How’s that for a little mid-week mayhem?!

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Interview with Rana Freilich from LEGACY OF DISORDER (@legacy_disorder); Playing Clifton Park, NY on 10/14

The members of New Zealand 4-piece Legacy Of Disorder have traveled thousands of miles for metal. Talk about dedication to your craft, if you didn’t know, NZ is basically on the other side of the planet… Like a 20-hour flight. Insane right? Well, check out their tunes and see just how crazy they really are!

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Interview with Yngve Andersen from Norway’s Blood Command

Norwegian metal band Blood Command are an artpunk/deathpop/hardcore from Norway. Hell of a musical description, right? Since Norwegian metal is primarily known for one thing, I wanted to get a bit of info on the group for my buddy Pete over at Nordic Spotlight, and all of you out there.

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Show Review for HEAVY T.O. in Toronto

One of the cool points of growing up in a singular geographic location is getting to travel and experience different cultures in different areas of the world. We’re all people and everything, but as products of our physical surroundings, we undoubtedly feel a slight shock when taken out of our comfort zones and thrust ourselves into new situations and atmospheres. Thankfully for me, Toronto has itself quite a metal scene and this year’s offering of HEAVY T.O. and HEAVY MTL, taking place in (you guessed it) Toronto and Montreal, saw thousands of black clad, heavily tattooed and pierced crunch lovers packing vacant fields to get their fill of breakdowns, screams, and solos from some of modern metal’s most significant artists. When you pack System Of A Down, Slipknot, Deftones, Marilyn Manson, and Suicidal Tendencies onto the same bill, it’s gonna be a good time, and I felt right at home.

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