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Review of CONTINENTS’ IDLE HANDS LP; Out TODAY (like right now) on Victory Records! @victoryrecords @wearecontinents


Here’s another one by resident reviewer/percussive snot pounder, Lord Covey. IDLE HANDS drops TODAY 1/22/13 and will be wherever you find the rest of our Victory Records favorites… Go cop it, take a listen, and judge for yourself! Who listens to drummers, anyway? 🙂

Continents – Idle Hands (Victory Records)

On their Victory Records debut, UK’s Continents takes territory popularized by Botch, Meshuggah and Misery Signals, and moves it a touch more towards Hatebreed. Their sound ends up almost directly between flagship bands like The Ghost Inside and After The Read More…

Interview with Joshua Waters Rudge from THE SKINTS (@theskints); Someone bring them to America already!!!

The Skints need to come to America, like yesterday. Representing East London Reggae, this UK quartet’s brilliant mix of ska, dub, reggae, hip hop, and punk is possibly the best thing I’ve heard come out of the current wave of the underground in a long time, and we needed it. If you need even an ounce of proof, watch this video for “Ratatat.” Go ahead… We’ll be here when you’re done.

Read More…

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