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Interview with Joe Lacy from Boston’s THE WEEDS; Releasing super limited cassette via No Sleep Records on 2/26.

the weeds photo

Boston, Massachusetts 4-piece The Weeds are definitely doing something right with their free time… How about you? Boasting an impressive lineup featuring former members of Transit, Late Night Wars, Defeo, and Sleepsick, The Weeds play an emotive brand of pop-punk/indie rock that’ll undoubtedly catch the eyes and ears of scenes nationwide… Tight, poppy jams flooded with vocal harmony and rhythmic changeups to get the crowd bouncing and lurching… I’m diggin’ it. And damn… Justine is cute!

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Interview with Sandro Schiena from UK’s TURNPIKE GLOW, who’re making Indie Pop fun again! @thesyndotcom @turnpikeglow


London, England quartet Turnpike Glow are every indie-popper’s dream… Fun, bouncy, energy-laden tunes to rile up the audience and put a smile on your face. Catchy and infectious, Turnpike Glow already are what every band in Williamsburg band wishes they could be… Worthy of that solid 5.5 write up from those pretentious and never-happy-unless-it’s-Kanye types over at P’fork. Punch up, folks.

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