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SOUND CITY PLAYERS lineup announcement. Good lord!!!


sound-city-park-cityWHOA!  John Fogerty, Stevie Nicks, The Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Rage Against The Machine!?!?!? Dave Grohl doesn’t play around when he looks for players, does he?

Ticket for this go on sale TODAY at 5pm… You’d better be quick if you want in on this one. Good luck, and thanks to Consequence of Sound for the tip!

Review of Back Pocket Memory’s self titled EP by Liz

Think of all the tiny, local bar bands in your area, with their stereotypically bad names and worse covers… And promptly throw away everything you ever associated with small bands. Back Pocket Memory is not one of those groups that, in attempts to make the great leap from garage tostage, will succumb to the downward spiral of conformity. Rather, they have nurtured the easily accessible sound they’ve developed. With their upcoming self-titled EP, set to drop this September, the raw talent packed into their alt-rock quintet is astounding! The 5 songs on the EP truly pack a punch, enough to leave a musical bruise on the cortex- a bruise with a cool story.

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