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Interview with Josh Sinder from THE INSURGENCE; New album Elimi-Nation out now on Innerstrength Records @theinsurgence


PUNK FUCKING ROCK! That’s what I’m talking about! Washington’s The Insurgence offer what every beaten down, worn out, angry-as-hell punker needs in their life: Blasting tempos, gruff vocals, and enough high-octane crunch to set any venue on fire. If the world was all roses, we’d have no need for such things, but it sort of makes me happy knowing that we’re an imperfect species on an imperfect planet, and constructive ways of release like The Insurgence are out there.

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Review of THE INSURGENCE’s “Elimi-Nation” by Matt

Seattle thrashy punk quintet The Insurgence don’t stop at merely wanting to be noticed. They seem fixed on demanding your attention. Their newest record, Elimi-Nation (Innerstrength Records), is a testimonial to that fact. Dudes can play, and thankfully, not just in a shreddy, flashy, chops-indicate-penis-size kind of way. The Insurgence clearly understand the overlapping nature of punk, hardcore, and metal. They use it to build individual parts as well as whole songs on a variety of platforms, and understand how to then augment (which almost anyone can do) or temper them (which few have mastered) with different types of layering. And the distinct street esthetic to their sound acts as a unifying element for it all. Musically this album is well-packaged. It sounds great, the performance is tight and feels live, and likely appeals to a lot of people.
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