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Interview with NJ’s SICKER THAN MOST!

NJHC hardcore band Sicker Than Most are bringing the crunch and chug of Jersey’s Finest to hardcore enthusiasts everywhere. With super heavy down tuned guitars, gruff tough guy vocals that teetering on death metal growling, and plenty of breakdowns to keep the pit in motion, STM are brutalizing stages and dance floors wherever they play.

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Interview with John Wren from BOTTOMFEEDER; Played @ectsunami Fest

As a 4-year old child with a terrible babysitter, nothing traumatized me more than watching an arrowhead pierce and carve out the neck of Kevin Bacon in the first Friday The 13th. I swear I was afraid of the dark until I was 15 or so, but hey… We all have our qualms. Odd as it may seem, I’ll always have a sentimental weakness for hockey mask clad psychos with homicidal tendencies, at least in movies. So, when I saw Bottomfeeder’s demo 7” at East Coast Tsunami, sporting the classic era yet personalized movie cover, I could not resist.

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Interview with Tony “Chubby Fresh” Pines (@chubbzbs) from ONE LIFE CREW; Played @ECTSUNAMI Fest

Hardcore music and hardcore scenes across the world use aggressive music to discuss difficult, often polarizing topics. As many followers and enthusiasts will tell you, hardcore is a way of life, not merely a genre of music or an aesthetic styling to be consumed. This notion is in large part thanks to Hot Topic and media outlets looking to cash in, but don’t go blaming the suits. Blame the sheep. The floor is open for debate.

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