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Interview with Chris Logan from CHOKEHOLD


Ever been so intrigued or moved by something that you couldn’t get it out of your head? That’s pretty much how Canadian Hardcore band Chokehold has been for me since the age of 15. I managed to get in touch with mouthpiece Chris Logan to get a bit of info and a few words on his views of the band some 17 years after their final performance in New Bedford, Ma in 1996. So read away, share away, and stay angry. 


“Think. Question it.” These 3 words are very good advice when approaching difficult and highly subjective social issues that involve rigorous mental processing. To come up with a logical conclusion that fits into one’s personal agenda, a person must weigh many different viewpoints, factual or otherwise, to come up with a stance that makes the most sense for their environment. Like most hardcore bands of the time, Hamilton, Canada’s Chokehold had very strong opinions and ideas on many social issues, and it was clear they weren’t backing down from anyone.

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Vehement Serenade Winter Tour Dates!

From bassist Mike Couls himself… Check them out when they hit your town. Crushing!

Nov 28
W/ BACKTRACK + special guest
@ West End 2153
2153 West Ave
Ashtabula, OH
Doors 6pm, $8adv or $10

Nov 29
W/ BACKTRACK + special guest
@ North Corning Firehall
3344 Baker Street Extension
Corning, NY
Doors 6pm, $10

Nov 30
W/ BACKTRACK + special guest
@ The Flying Squirrel
285 Clarissa street
Rochester, NY
Doors 6pm, $10

Dec 1
W/ STRIFE -(record release show)
Down to Nothing, Suburban Scum, Dead End Path, Rude Awaking, Soul Search, Progress
@ the Barbary
951 Frankford Ave,
Philadelphia, PA. 19125
Doors 4pm

Dec 2
@ Charm City Art Space
1731 Maryland Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21215
6pm Doors, $10
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Interview with Mike Couls and Karl Buechner from Vehement Serenade; Playing East Coast Tsunami Fest

What do you get when you put members of Earth Crisis, Cro-Mags, Sworn Enemy, Skarhead, Cold As Life, and Sub Zero in a room together? Though it may sound like a college level lecture series on the history of NY Hardcore, it’s actually Vehement Serenade. As far as super-groups go, you’d be hard pressed to find this much talent in one musical outfit, but it’s here, and you should probably wear a helmet when you see them live.

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