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Interview with DJ MUGGS from Cypress Hill; New album “Bass For Your Face” drops 1/15/13 @dj_muggs @ultrarecordstm


Gotta start the year off with a bang over here at LIVE HIGH FIVE! How about DJ MUGGS from Cypress Hill? Yep.. That’ll do!

Legendary DJ and producer DJ MUGGS needs no introduction, but I’m going to give him one anyway. As the beat maker and man in control of the 1’s and 2’s for Cypress Hill, DJ MUGGS has rocked crowds and invented some of Hip Hop’s most famous and recognizable beats. And the creative juice still flows!

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Download DJ MUGGS “Sound Boy Killa” EP – FREE DOWNLOAD!

We spoke with DJ MUGGS just a few days ago and will be posting up his interview shortly. Until then, check out this FREE download of “Sound Boy Killa” and get a taste of what this legend has been doing between shows. It’s pretty sick!

Free Download: New Sound Boy Killa EP
As Premiered Yesterday on The Music Ninja
Download HERE
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