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Consider The Source Announces 2012 ‘Winter Is Coming’ Tour!

Consider The Source is at it again! After a successful journey to Germany and Israel, CTS is back in the USA and it’s time to get ready for their Winter Tour, beginning on Halloween Night! Check below for all the dates, and get out there and see these guys… They’re incredible! More dates and venues forthcoming…
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASENEW YORK, NEW YORK — October 29th, 2012 — Sci-Fi Middle Eastern fusion trio Consider The Source has just announced the dates for their “Winter Is Coming” Tour.  The announcement follows an extraordinary trip overseas boasting performances in Germany and Israel. The tour features 29 shows in cities all over the Northeast, Southeast, and Midwest.

Interview with John and Gabriel from Consider The Source. Playing @CatskillChill next weekend!

“Sci-Fi Middle Eastern Funk, ” as New York City’s Consider The Source describe themselves, kind of makes me think about Bootsy Collins riding on the Millenium Falcon hovering over Saudi Arabia. Seriously though, can’t you just visualize it? Maybe not, but if a power trio takes this much effort to define their sound, I can only imagine what their rehearsals are like. I’m sold.

Consider The Source’s mystique lie in their multi-directional approach to writing, a fusion of complex rhythmic patterns, partially learned when the group spent time studying talas in India, with a blend of driving rock, psychedelic sound scapes, and Middle Eastern flair. The group continues to forge their path into the musical spotlight, performing at a very wide array of venues and festivals all over the world. These appearances include slots at Burning Man, PowWow, and Dogwood Fests alongside such acts as Victor Wooten, Wyclef Jean, Grace Potter and The Nocturnals, and many others. Read More…

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