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“Respect the DJ” with JRRBLL from The Sound and The Fury

Radio is dying a slow, painful death. Though it may appear to be thriving, alive, and well, the new musical stratosphere has been blown wide open in terms of delivery, accessibility to content, and changing listening patterns by end users. There is no greater victim in this change than the modern radio DJ… The guy (or girl) who spins the latest hits, hypes the newest contest, and delivers to the listener news, stories, and gossip that they once waited anxiously to hear.

If you are reading this in Syracuse or surrounding areas, you are probably familiar with a little show called “The Sound and The Fury,” brought to you every Saturday evening from Midnight until 6am on 100.9, 106.5, and 94.9 fm, better known as K-Rock. While you listen, a soft, subtle voice will occasionally fill the airwaves, giving you a dose of song titles, news about Metal happenings, and the occasional introspective quote to spark the brain. On January 28 and February 5, 2012, I sat for (2) 6-hour sessions with the one and only JRRBLL, long time voice of the show. Not only did I receive a warm welcome and musical education, but a chance to witness a master of his craft who has blessed the airwaves for an astounding 27 years (September, 1985 was his first broadcast,) longer than some of you have been alive.   

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