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Interview with Seager Tennis from Mellow Bravo from Boston; Playing @sxsw this week! @mellowbravo


Boston, Massachusetts sextet Mellow Bravo are making their way to SXSW this week, along with just about every other band hellbent on making their mark in the music industry. Steeped in the Rock n Roll sound and attitude, Mellow Bravo’s spirited approach will suit anyone who wants some straight forward ragers nicely. Check out this great video for their track RIDIN’ and judge for yourself.

Introduced by another band, The Lights Out, who I spoke with here on Live High Five a little while ago, I caught up with bassist/vocalist Seager Tennis via FB Chat (of all places) and got the skinny on who Mellow Bravo is, what they’re doing, and where they’re playing in Austin during SXSW!

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Interview with Brian Fair from SHADOWS FALL; Fire From the Sky in stores NOW! @shadowsfallband @razorandtie


Boston’s Shadows Fall continue to blaze a trail of hardcore inspired metal chaos all over the world, leaving little else but charred ashes in their wake. After 7 albums, the 5-piece is still pushing the boundaries of modern metal music and inspiring any number of promising young fans to learn how to shred. Seriously. The proof can be seen by members’ often-flooded lesson schedules while on the road.
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Interview with Matt King from THE LIGHTS OUT; Heading to @SXSW for Berkelee Showcase in March!


Boston, Massachusetts’ The Lights Out are a 4-piece pop-rock beer-drinkin’ mayhem machine. When your description includes lines like “stickier than the High Life coating their sneakers by the end of every practice,” you can only expect a ruckus, and that’s why I started going to shows in the first place (though acquiring beer during an MC Hammer show at 12 just wasn’t happening.)

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Interview with Joe Lacy from Boston’s THE WEEDS; Releasing super limited cassette via No Sleep Records on 2/26.

the weeds photo

Boston, Massachusetts 4-piece The Weeds are definitely doing something right with their free time… How about you? Boasting an impressive lineup featuring former members of Transit, Late Night Wars, Defeo, and Sleepsick, The Weeds play an emotive brand of pop-punk/indie rock that’ll undoubtedly catch the eyes and ears of scenes nationwide… Tight, poppy jams flooded with vocal harmony and rhythmic changeups to get the crowd bouncing and lurching… I’m diggin’ it. And damn… Justine is cute!

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Great interview with Tommy Benedetti from John Brown’s Body; Playing #Syracuse, NY TONIGHT 1/18/13!!! @johnbrownsbody


You’d be hard pressed to find a current roots-reggae band with more drive, innovation, and straight up talent than Ithaca, NY’s John Brown’s Body. If you have ever been to one of their performances, you know what I’m talking about. If you call yourself a reggae fan and haven’t seen them yet, you should either hustle up and get to one, or drop the “fan” moniker from your self-description. These guys wail!

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