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Interview with Todd Stoops from RAQ; Playing AURA in Florida!!! @blpfam @kungfutunes #aura


Raq is Baq, and I couldn’t be happier!!! A staple in my college musical diet, the band would play Syracuse University and surrounding areas consistently, bringing their super technical, energetic delivery to small bar stages on a near monthly basis. It was great! As the band progressed in the music scene, I was certain that I’d get to be one of those obnoxious fan/band owners who claimed ‘There First’ rights, but just as the group seemed to really take off, they went on hiatus. I didn’t get it, and it bummed me out.

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Interview with Albert Suttle from PERPETUAL GROOVE; Playing Atlanta on NYE and Aura Music Festival @blpfam @perpetualgroove @auramusicfestival


Genre-smashing Athens, Georgia 4-piece Perpetual Groove almost as well known for their brilliant lighting and visual stage backgrounds as they are for their music. Gifted, highly musical performers with a lengthy history and extensive repertoire, Perpetual Groove fans all around have lauded over the group’s live show experience and environment.

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