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THE BREEDERS reunite “Last Splash” lineup for 20th anniversary shows!


Seminal 90’s alt-rock 4-piece THE BREEDERS announced plans to reunite and perform 1993’s amazing Last Splash. Talk about awesome idea!

Read more about it HERE, and thanks to STEREOGUM for the tip!

Listen to the last TEXAS IS THE REASON song!

“When Rock and Roll Was Just A Baby” is the last song the seminal 90’s emo band TEXAS IS THE REASON ever wrote and recorded, and you can now listen to it right HERE!

Big thanks to Rolling Stone for the link!

Pilfers Interview with Coolie Ranx

I gotta say… It’ll be a cold day in Hell when I stop thinking about the insanity and amusement of my many experiences watching The Pilfers perform. Formed when members Coolie Ranx, Vinnie Nobile, James Blanck, Anna Milet-Meyer, and Nick Bacon left their spots in The Toasters, Bim Skala Bim, Skinnerbox, and The Erratics (respectively), the 5-piece unit was a beacon of the Ska scene from their very first recording.

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Matthew Sweet “Girlfriend” 20th Anniversary Tour – The Haunt 6/20/12 – Ithaca, NY

Ahhh the scourge of the super-single! One-hit wonders have stifled the commercial careers of talented artists since the very beginning of commercial music. Sometimes an artist writes a song so catchy and memorable that they are never able to triumph over its creative moment in time. Matthew Sweet is damn near the top of that list… His hit single, “Girlfriend,” off the album of the same name, is still in rotation to this day and represents a song so wonderfully written and poppy that it cannot be matched. A blessing and a curse, the track shot him through the roof of pop popularity, but much of the album went unnoticed to the masses. It’s a clear-cut casualty of brilliance, if you will.

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