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MATT AND KIM played Syracuse, NY w/ OBERHOFER 10/4/12

Brooklyn hipster rock duo MATT AND KIM played an outstanding sold out show on 10/4 in Syracuse, NY! The indie darlings, currently promoting their new release, Lightning, mixed their super friendly, light hearted songs with a full-on dose of amp-induced dance party… It was really, really fun!

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Show Review for @PAPADOSIO and @DOPAPOD 9/26/12 – Syracuse, NY

It was a solid Wednesday night for music in Syracuse on September 26th, as Papadosio and Dopapod brought their electro-jam-fusion through our humble city for some mid-week raging! Maybe I’m just getting old (I am), but the crowds these days are getting younger and younger. You’d have thought Minor Threat was headlining with the amount of X’d up hands I saw in the audience, most running to the bathroom to frantically scrub off any excess sharpie ink in an attempt to try and pass as legal. Kids these days. But enough with the editorializing and on to the review. Read More…

Show Review for NEW RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE 10/5/12 Syracuse, NY by Stephanie

It’s tough to feel an up-close and personal connection with a band whose glory days passed decades before you were a glimmer of your parent’s imagination.  If you’re lucky enough, maybe mom and dad passed down their vinyl, and took you back in time to an era of trailblazers and musical pioneers.  In my case, New Riders of the Purple Sage was one of those bands that seemed like they could only exist on a record, or possibly even a fairytale, but certainly not real life.  I was a 6-year old girl singing “Panama Red,” thinking it was a song about a guy on a horse. I surely never thought that one day, 27 years later, I’d be buying tickets to a show right down the street. Read More…

Review of Rochester Fringe Festival 9/19 & 9/22 by Liz

Wednesday, September 19th

Very few can say that they have heard musical water gurgling, a slowed down, more musical version of Grease Lightning, and an aerial dance on the side of a skyscraper, let alone all in the course of a few days. But if you made your way to the Rochester Fringe Festival, you know what I’m talking about. This was the first year Rochester hosted the Fringe Fest, a multi-day celebration of the arts that has become popular all over the world and man, the three years of planning seriously paid off.

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Show Review for THE ANTLERS – Water Street Music Hall 9/26/12 (@theantlers)

Review and Live Photo by Sara Joy Tiberio, because she rules!

The Antlers, decked out in skinny jeans and a few quirky tattoos, walked onto the more intimate club side stage at Water Street Music Hall. The crowd erupted, but then quickly quieted so they would get right to the music. The Antlers are a band that tells a story with often melancholy, dark lyrics and radiating sounds that blend the songs together. One fan, David Abbott, described the band as, “ambient, but not the kind where you can just listen to it in the background.”

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