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RIVAL SCHOOLS 2003 demo album “FOUND” getting released! Vinyl pre-order NOW.


For all of you Walter Schriefels and Sammy Siegler fans out there, RIVAL SCHOOLS 2003 demo album, FOUND, is being released and is currently available for pre-order right now!

Grab a copy of it at MERCH DIRECT and do it soon… CLEAR VINYL is out of 250 and won’t be repressed again.

Interview with Jesse Matthewson from KEN Mode; Entrench dropping on Season of Mist! @kenmodenoise

photo by Scott Kincade

photo by Scott Kincade

Winnipeg, Manitoba’s long running rock/hardcore trio KEN Mode are making the rounds in the states right now with Fight Amp and the occasional Today Is The Day in tow, and damn… That’s one heavy ass lineup! Forming around the turn of the millennium, KEN Mode, a self described “Dance Party Killing Machine,” play an extremely loud, noisy, brand of hardcore that’ll shred your eardrums while dimming your world view. Solid stuff!

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Interview with Ricky from BACKTRACK @backtracknyhc @reaperrecords


Long Island, NY’s Backtrack (Reaper Records) has been blazing up the hardcore ranks in recent months. With their near constant touring schedule, youthful energy, and riot-inducing performances, Backtrack’s name is spreading like wildfire across the hardcore community.

And why not? Already given the nod by some of the elite in the game right now (Terror, anyone?), the quintet seems to have more problems sitting still than a young child on Christmas morning. These guys are ALWAYS on tour, and that is exactly the attitude you need to have to build a name for yourself, especially in the underground hardcore music scene.

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Though probably not as funny as the Facebook lashing I received this morning, in response to a comedic counter-suggestion to a blog post stating that lazily dressed men are a “spreading epidemic” across the country (WOW!), TREVOR MOORE is dropping his album, Drunk Texts To Myself, on March 26th via Comedy Central Records (how appropriate.) 

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