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Interview with Soley; Performed at Iceland Airwaves event during @sxsw @soleysoleysoley


Soley, along with her band mates Jón Óskar Jónsson (drums) and Albert Finnbogason (keys&guitar,) bring a dark, inspired alt-pop sound, with plenty of sonic possibility through the usage of live loop sampling. Currently signed to Morr Music, her latest release, 2011’s We Sink, is a beautifully composed work, offering richly textural melodies and a smooth, laid back rhythm.

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Interview with Team Spirit; Played @sxsw and new EP on @Vice Records drops April 9th! @goteamspirit @noiseymusic


Team Spirit are a 4-piece rock group that stayed incredibly busy during their time in Austin at this year’s installment of SXSW.  The group, set to drop their debut on Vice Records this coming April, is perfect for all you fun-loving NYC rocker types out there, and you should make it a point to grab a copy for yourselves when it hits the shelves.  A brief summation of the band, I know, but the debacle I went through to catch up with these guys (no fault of their own) almost drove me to pull the last remaining 4 hairs out of my head. Somehow, I made it work. Back story, you say? Why not.

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Throw away your razors… Here’s an interview with The Beards! @the_beards @thesyndotcom


Adelaide’s The Beards want one thing to be abundantly clear… No razors allowed. The quartet, consisting of Nathanial Beard, Facey McStubblington, Johann Beardraven, and John Beardman, Jr. are the world’s foremost ambassadors of beard culture, and missionaries for a more equal and just bearded society.

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Interview with Jesse Matthewson from KEN Mode; Entrench dropping on Season of Mist! @kenmodenoise

photo by Scott Kincade

photo by Scott Kincade

Winnipeg, Manitoba’s long running rock/hardcore trio KEN Mode are making the rounds in the states right now with Fight Amp and the occasional Today Is The Day in tow, and damn… That’s one heavy ass lineup! Forming around the turn of the millennium, KEN Mode, a self described “Dance Party Killing Machine,” play an extremely loud, noisy, brand of hardcore that’ll shred your eardrums while dimming your world view. Solid stuff!

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Drummer Spotlight with Matt Covey @shaihulud @mattcoveydrums @thesuicidedolls @thehempsteadys


Why do drummers have lots of kids?

They’re not too good at the Rhythm Method.

Drummers always get a bum rap. Why is that? Ever seen a good band with a shitty drummer? No. Know why? BECAUSE THEY DON’T FUCKING EXIST.

Drummers rule! We hit stuff, get peoples’ butts shaking, and ultimately determine whether or not the band is going to perform well. You CANNOT have a solid band without a solid drummer, so all you 6-string wankers out there with your tapping and flooded solos can suck it… This one is for the hitters. 

Today, I bring you our own occasional contributor and Shai Hulud hitter (you’re welcome) Matt Covey, a great friend and total pro behind the kit.

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