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Download DJ MUGGS “Sound Boy Killa” EP – FREE DOWNLOAD!

We spoke with DJ MUGGS just a few days ago and will be posting up his interview shortly. Until then, check out this FREE download of “Sound Boy Killa” and get a taste of what this legend has been doing between shows. It’s pretty sick!

Free Download: New Sound Boy Killa EP
As Premiered Yesterday on The Music Ninja
Download HERE
**Cleared for posting**

Listen to the last TEXAS IS THE REASON song!

“When Rock and Roll Was Just A Baby” is the last song the seminal 90’s emo band TEXAS IS THE REASON ever wrote and recorded, and you can now listen to it right HERE!

Big thanks to Rolling Stone for the link!

Review: GOOD GRACES s/t EP by Matt @mattcoveydrums

If Good Graces self-titled EP doesn’t bring on fever dreams of cornerstone No Idea Records’ bands like Hot Water Music and Small Brown Bike, along with 90s Emo like Sunny Day Real Estate and Jawbreaker, you’re just doing it wrong. Even their irony-laden song titles scream reformed 90s Ska or Hardcore kid.

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Let’s try to break a band today, eh? ISADORA debut show TONIGHT at @cameogallery in NYC

Here’s a few bouncy numbers by Brooklyn, NY based 5-piece ISADORA! As it turns out, they are playing their first show tonight at Cameo Gallery in NYC! If you see this and are looking for something to do real quick, check out their 2 new tracks “On The Rights’ and “Barcelona” at the links below, and get to a subway quick!

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A VEIL (Chad Ackerman) debuts new zombie-inspired vegan awareness video, “Tombs.” It’s very good!

Though not the Avail I wish it was, Chad’s new project, A VEIL, has dropped a new video for the stunning track, ‘Tombs.” Take note, it’s pretty graphic in the R-Rated sense for violent content, but the overall message cuts pretty hard at the end. Give a listen and watch… It’s free!

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