Let’s try to break a band today, eh? ISADORA debut show TONIGHT at @cameogallery in NYC

Here’s a few bouncy numbers by Brooklyn, NY based 5-piece ISADORA! As it turns out, they are playing their first show tonight at Cameo Gallery in NYC! If you see this and are looking for something to do real quick, check out their 2 new tracks “On The Rights’ and “Barcelona” at the links below, and get to a subway quick!

* Debut Show at Cameo Gallery with Cat Martino Tonight! *

“On The Rights”
:: LISTEN ::
Today INTERVIEW MAGAZINE has officially announced the birth of Isadora, a Brooklyn based quintet, born in 2012.  The band consists of Aaron Mendelsohn (vocals, guitar), Ian Mellencamp (bass, vocals), Jesse Bilotta(drums, vocals), Nick Burleigh (guitar, violin), and Josh Rouah (keyboards, guitar, vocals).

The band began as a duo, writing dreamy, melodic pop tunes inspired by the compositions of early Andrew Bird.  The lineup grew and shrank, eventually swelling into its five-piece formation.  The evolution in the lineup has inspired a change as well in the band’s sonic atmosphere.  Isadora has arrived at a rich, textured sound, sometimes going purely ‘on feel’ while always being highly composed.

Surprise is one of the touchstones of Isadora’s sound – the band will set up a certain expectation but then deliver more fully on something else lurking beneath the surface.  An explosive burst of rhythm shocks you out of a smoother introduction on their first release, “On the Rights,” and takes you somewhere you’d never have expected.

Please check out Isadora, and share their first release ‘On the Rights” and bonus track “Barcelona“. Their first collection of songs will arrive in early 2013.

For those based in NYC, the band will be playing their Isadora debut show at Cameo Gallery tonight, with main support from dreamy chanteause Cat Martino! This show is not to miss. Hit up Scott with all ticket requests.


Don’t let the presence of a classically trained violinist confuse you; Isadora’s melodies have a distinct ’90s alt-rock influence and even a touch of punk. – INTERVIEW

By incorporating different sonic elements – guitar riffs blended with smooth harmonies, heavy instrumentation carried by emotional vocals – this band has an admirable track list to offer – THE DELI MAGAZINE

medium-fi (trademark), moody, not-quite-pop mixture of expansive guitars, snapping drums and shape-shifting vocal harmonies.” – THE CULTURE OF ME

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