A VEIL (Chad Ackerman) debuts new zombie-inspired vegan awareness video, “Tombs.” It’s very good!

Though not the Avail I wish it was, Chad’s new project, A VEIL, has dropped a new video for the stunning track, ‘Tombs.” Take note, it’s pretty graphic in the R-Rated sense for violent content, but the overall message cuts pretty hard at the end. Give a listen and watch… It’s free!


(Chad Ackerman of As I Lay Dying, Destroy The Runner, Chapter 14) 



(Oct 29, 2012)- In time for Halloween, San Diego, California outfit, A Veil has released a zombie-fied video for the song “Tombs.” With special effects and make-up by Frank Ippolito and Ian Von Cromer (Pirates Of The Caribbean, Chronicles of Riddick, Syfy Face-Off) as well as Josh Knoff as Director of photography, the video is a harrowing horror short of zombies in search of animalized flesh to consume. Musically, “Tombsis a darkly melodic burner, informed in equal parts by modern Brit-pop and post-hardcore grit. Though timing-wise this may seem like another creature-feature for the holiday, you may be surprised to learn that song is about Veganism.

See Video for “Tombs” here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5kbE9oosIY 

Chad Ackerman (vocals/guitar) of A Veil also wrote and directed the video. He says “I wrote two other different treatments for the video before deciding to make it into a horror-themed video. I have a love/hate relationship with zombies. They really terrify me, but I have always loved them since I was a kid. It reflects the lyrics of the song, which starts from an animal’s point of view, and then it shifts to a vegan’s point of view. The main character (played by brother, Christian Ackerman, a professional mime and actor) goes from place to place eating humanized versions of animals (played by Ackerman, his wife and musical comrades). The video shows that there is nowhere safe for the animals to go until the main character’s curiosity brings awareness. You can say the zombie in this case is me, I’ve been vegan for two years and I did it out of curiosity and to improve my health. I think that as time moves forward, and as our education grows, that more and more people will lean towards or fully change to a plant based diet.”

“Tombs” is the first taste of A Veil which is essentially a solo vehicle for Ackerman. Over the past decade Ackerman has contributed his vocal or guitar as a member of such metal-core, post-hardcore or electronic groups such as As I Lay Dying, Destroy The Runner, Austrian Death Machine, and Chapter 14. 

Ackerman says “A Veil is the first project that I have done that really shows who I am as a singer/songwriter. I think a lot of fans from my previous endeavors will recognize that it is my voice, but the music is a lot more ambient and introspective than anything that I have ever done before.” A full-length album, The In Between is readying completion and was whittled down from thirty-two songs recorded to eight. Comrade Tanner Sparks (also of Chapter 14 and Destroy The Runner) adds electric guitar, lead guitar and drums on the album and Edwin Peraza played bass. Additional piano, programming, and extra percussion was done at SCM RECORDINGS in Corona, CA with producer Brian Grider.

More Info: http://www.facebook.com/chad.ackerman1

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