P.O.S. drops a MONSTER track; Needs a kidney transplant. You can help… PLEASE R/T

The world of Hip Hop, in my opinion, is far too flooded with material greed, misogeny, drug and gun glorification, and otherwise lurid content that comes across as crass and demeaning. I love Hip Hop and many of the artists who drop these types of tracks, but THERE HAS TO BE A BALANCE.

Every once in a while, you come across an artist who rejects the social norm and goes directly for the throat. P.O.S.’s “Fuck Your Stuff” has officially made it onto my Best Tracks of All Time list. Seriously, you need to hear this track.

Also, P.O.S. has been forced to cancel his upcoming tour in order to prepare for a desperately needed kidney transplant. You, the reader, can help this man continue to push the boundaries of Hip Hop by contributing to his transplant fund. Please go to THIS LINK and help if you can, and check out “FUCK YOUR STUFF” immediately. It’s a banger! Thanks to The Daily Swarm for the link.

Thank you all for reading, and support independent artists.

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