MATT AND KIM played Syracuse, NY w/ OBERHOFER 10/4/12

Brooklyn hipster rock duo MATT AND KIM played an outstanding sold out show on 10/4 in Syracuse, NY! The indie darlings, currently promoting their new release, Lightning, mixed their super friendly, light hearted songs with a full-on dose of amp-induced dance party… It was really, really fun!

Aside from doors being pushed back until 10pm due to a ceiling collapse the previous night, the show went off without a hitch, with several fans staying in line after realizing it’d be a full 3 hours until they were able to get in the door.

It was worth the wait!

Indie rock 5-piece band OBERHOFER opened the show in fine form, playing their collective hearts out during their condensed, late starting set. We’ll be posting an interview with these gentlemen shortly. Until then, check out a few shots from the show!











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