Interview with Rana Freilich from LEGACY OF DISORDER (@legacy_disorder); Playing Clifton Park, NY on 10/14

The members of New Zealand 4-piece Legacy Of Disorder have traveled thousands of miles for metal. Talk about dedication to your craft, if you didn’t know, NZ is basically on the other side of the planet… Like a 20-hour flight. Insane right? Well, check out their tunes and see just how crazy they really are!

Debut self-titled record recorded in 2008 by Sterling Winfield (Pantera, Damage Plan), so you can just imagine what it sounds like. The group’s sophomore release, Last Man Standing, was also produced by Mr. Winfield, and is set to drop in a few months, followed by an extensive touring schedule that will take them all over the world.

I was able to catch LoD when they passed through Syracuse, NY a few months ago while they were providing support for GWAR, and I can’t wait to catch them in concert again! Prior to their headlining show at Clifton Park’s Upstate Concert Hall, I spoke with Rana to discuss the forthcoming release, plans for the future, touring with Gwar, and the New Zealand metal scene.


G- Hello and thank you for taking the time to speak with Live High Five! How has everything been going in the Legacy of Disorder camp lately?

R- Hey everything is going fine…Our new album ‘Last Man Standing’ has been released and the ‘Fate or Chaos’ tour with Gwar, Devildriver and the Cancer Bats is just around the corner. So they both worked in time wise really well together.

G- To get a bit of background on the group, can you tell us how LoD came into being and when did you first got started? Do you remember the moment that you really felt the group “click?”

R- The band  really clicked and came together for me just as we were recording our debut album in 2008. The band itself was together and playing shows and stuff in 2007 but it was since 2008 the band has had the same line-up. Even going back as far as 2005 L.O.D was in the pipeline we just didn’t have a name and the line-up wasn’t complete.

G- Now you have finished recording your second album, Last Man Standing, and your website says that it will be out in the next few months. Do you have a specific date when it will be released, who will be releasing it, and what formats will you have available for purchase? Any special packages or limited versions coming out?

R- The album was released 09/18/2012 in the U.S through Megaforce Records MRI Inc/ Sony Red…which we are very happy about. So far it’s just the standard album. The album is also online at itunes  and amazon and most popular online sites.

G- New Zealand is VERY far away from the United States, but you have been touring quite a bit in the states for the past few months. How have the responses been at your shows, and how do they differ from when you perform in your home country?

R- The responses have been great and we seem to making new fans all the time. It’s maybe a little different than back in New Zealand as the fans in the U.S tend to take to us a little more extremely, which is great. All in all it’s pretty similar though, just different countries and the U.S has a lot more people. I also believe heavy music is more mainstream in the U.S.

G- Are you guys a party band, or generally pretty mellow? What kind of beers and booze do you want people bringing up to you onstage when you hit their cities?

R- We can Party and we can mellow. We drink a bunch of different beers and booze….we like Heineken and believe it or not really like Coors light to keep the belly down, love our vodka and whisky and tequila….we are pretty easy in the alcohol department…whatever goes!

G- Can you tell us a bit about the tunes on the new record? Where did you find the inspiration to write your new material and what are the songs about?

R- Sure. The album was written over a period of time. There’s a few tracks to do with how we see our planet and what we see ourselves as humans doing to it in a destructive way I guess,  there are also songs about war, standing your ground and not backing down.

An author really gave me inspiration to write March To Death which is about operation Barbarrosa during WWII. My ancestors were right there amongst all that shit so I’ve always had a major interest in war and history. Overall our lyrics are pretty positive in a heavy way!! I believe the common theme throughout the album is don’t take shit, stand your ground, don’t back down and be the Last Man Standing!

G- What would you say was the best, craziest, or most memorable show that Legacy of Disorder has played to date? Where was it and what was it like?

R- Wow that’s a hard one man. There have been too many to pick just one! During the last U.S tour all the shows were great.

G- Lastly, what advice can you give some of the young, up and coming bands everywhere who want to make it in music, on the road, and as a professional musician?

R- Be prepared to put everything you have into it and then some. It takes a certain person to do this and if your not that certain type of person it may well not be for you. There are knock backs there is lengthy time away from home and it’s hard work!!  But if you love music enough all the above is well worth it!

Cheers for the interview.

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