Interview with WARBEAST; On tour with haarp and DOWN

Texan thrash metal monsters WARBEAST almost killed me once. Seriously. The volume and bass projected from a stage can stop a person’s heart in a split second. It isn’t necessarily how I planned to leave this world, but it has to be better than falling down a cliff sneaking into a Nickelback show. WARBEAST were, hands down, the loudest band I saw during my time at SXSW 2012. If I weren’t wearing earplugs that day, I’d probably have permanent brain damage. More so, anyway.

It’s hard to stand out amongst the millions of bands that descend upon Austin every March, but WARBEAST was that band for me. The group pulverized their fans, a ravenous bunch of heavily tattooed, black clad thrashers. Better yet, I found myself standing next to Phil Anselmo for the first 20 minutes of the set, right before he jumped onstage to sing co-vocals and hype the crowd. I guess you never know who or what you’ll see at SXSW!

A featured artist on Mr. Anselmo’s own Housecore Records label, if it’s heavy enough for Phil, it’s probably going to be heavy enough for you. Currently touring in support of their sophomore release, Destroy, you can find Warbeast destroying cities near you while opening for haarp and Down. I caught up with Blue, Bob, and Scott to discuss the new release, Texas Metal, Housecore Records, and working with Phil. \m/


G- What’s going on and thank you very much for speaking with Live High Five today! You guys are currently supporting Down on their fall tour… How has everything going on the road and how have the shows been?

Blue- This tour is easily the best tour we’ve ever had! The crowds, the response, the weather, and not to mention its basically our entire label family. This is what rock and roll’s all about. This has been an amazing opportunity for Warbeast, so we are definitely grateful to be direct support for the mighty DOWN! Couldn’t ask or wish for better touring conditions.

G- It definitely sounds like a killer tour! I only wish it was a little closer to where I am right now! What are your touring plans looking like after this current tour with harp and Down? Will you be on any headlining runs in the near future, or do you have any plans to head overseas?

Blue- We will be heading to Europe in October to support Down, and have 8 headlining shows in Germany and Austria. We’re all very excited to make the trip overseas. Warbeast will do what were meant to do… DESTROY!!!

G- Haha YES… I love sonic destruction!!! Now, WARBEAST as only been around for a few years, but you’re making some incredible strides in the metal scene. When did you guys first get together to discuss the group, and when did you first get started? Do you remember the moment that you really felt the group “click?”

SCOTT – I felt it “ clicking” when we were on tour with the great DESTRUCTION and GWAR. We held our own and got noticed, but it has really clicked writing the new album. It gave us (a) more confident drive that we are a force to be reckoned with. And now the DOWN tour! We are DESTROYING the crowd at the shows; the response tells us that. And then going to EUROPE, we believe they are going to love every bit of the BEAST, and that will be an enormous “ CLICK “ in the band, soon to be told!!!!

G- To quote Jack Palance, “Confidence is very sexy. Don’t you think?” That’s great! So you guys are currently touring in support of Destroy, and Phil Anselmo was behind the boards for you on this one. What was it like in the studio recording with Phil, and how do you think it compares to your introductory release, Krush The Enemy?

SCOTT- It was great to have Phil in there the whole time. With his experience and input, (he) helped this project out and he trusts our musical direction. We bring material to him and discuss what we want to do and go to it.

The DESTROY album is a definite progression from the KRUSH THE ENEMY album. We wanted to make a statement on this that we are for real, not just a novelty act, and it does that in a big way… The world will soon see.

G-WARBEAST members have all been in highly respected bands like Rigor Mortis, Gammacide, and Demonseed, and you’ve all been on the metal scene for a long time. Can you tell us a bit about the Texas metal scene and how your previous bands have helped form and mold WARBEAST?

SCOTT- We formed this band with veterans of the Texas metal scene, got serious, and refined some of the line up to make a new age of Texas metal. From our prior bands, of course they gave us experience and reputation. WARBEAST wants to put Texas back on the map as our own unique TEXAS style metal.

G- Texas. Hmmmm lemme guess… You’re going for BIG? So, do you have a favorite WARBEAST song that you have ever written, or if you were to recommend a single track for someone who has never heard your band before, what would it be and why?

SCOTT – All of my favorites are about to come out on the WAR of the GARGANTUAS and DESTROY albums. IT and BIRTH of a PSYCO are great thrash groove attack songs that always please the crowd, and NIGHTMARES in the SKY on destroy just makeS you say WOW… this is good shit!!!! Many more on DESTROY are amazing songs. We like to attack the crowd, and (the) newer material we write seems to do that.

G- Are you guys a party band, or generally pretty mellow? What kind of beers and booze do you want people bringing up to you onstage this time around?

Bob – Jack and Coke’s & dark beers.

BLUE- I’m not a drinker, so throwing a lil grass on stage would be much appreciated as well.

G- Haha as I expected, you’re definitely a party band! What is the craziest or most memorable show that WARBEAST has played to date, and can you tell us where was it and what was it like?

Bob- Chicago House of Blues was the craziest pit, and just a high-energy, kick ass crowd!

G- Lastly, as a band whose members have been on the metal scene for many years, what advice can you give some of the young, up and coming bands everywhere who want to make it in music, on the road, and as a professional musician in metal?

Bob- Never stop, push yourself hard. Live, Breathe, and Eat Metal!

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