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Interview with Evan Friedell from JIMKATA! Playing a special Halloween show in Syracuse TONIGHT!!! @JIMKATAmusic

Energetic, electro-rock quartet Jimkata may be one of the best examples of a band that caught a serious break when electronic dance music and acoustic instrumentation caught the mainstream music industry’s eye. With heavy bass drops, sprinkled with tasty melodic embellishments and groovy instrumentation, Jimkata are a perfect fit within the new wave of electro-jam rock.

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Interview with Jonnie Baker from THE GROUNDBREAKING CEREMONY! @GCBrock

The Groundbreaking Ceremony is a pop punk band, pure and simple. Pop punk dead? Never. There’ll always be kids getting into Punk via the newer, friendly style of bands, and Punk’s history is strong enough where, one would hope, these new fans will find inspiration and passion for the oft-maligned art form through these contemporary artists.

And make no mistake… The Groundbreaking Ceremony is a very good example of what the kids are into these days, and blew their fan base wide open this past Summer as they strutted their stuff on Warped Tour for the entire run. Though not what it used to be, Summer’s most anticipated punk rock tour has managed to stay current with upcoming talent, and gives many artists their first real taste of fame.

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Consider The Source Announces 2012 ‘Winter Is Coming’ Tour!

Consider The Source is at it again! After a successful journey to Germany and Israel, CTS is back in the USA and it’s time to get ready for their Winter Tour, beginning on Halloween Night! Check below for all the dates, and get out there and see these guys… They’re incredible! More dates and venues forthcoming…
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASENEW YORK, NEW YORK — October 29th, 2012 — Sci-Fi Middle Eastern fusion trio Consider The Source has just announced the dates for their “Winter Is Coming” Tour.  The announcement follows an extraordinary trip overseas boasting performances in Germany and Israel. The tour features 29 shows in cities all over the Northeast, Southeast, and Midwest.

Interview with The Foreign Resort (@foreignresort) from @CMJ @nordicspotlight

Here’s an interview I conducted, drunken and very late at night, with Danish New Wave Rock group The Foreign Resort. One of my favorite US imports from across the pond, The Foreign Resort has logged many miles in the states in an attempt to appeal to the masses. 

Super cool guys and great musicians, it was a pleasure to get to see them again after a tumultuous time at SXSW 2012, but they remained as candid and fun to hang with as I remember. Big shout out to Pete Schwinge from Nordic Spotlight for taking these guys on, and I wish TFR the best for the future to come! Click READ MORE for the interview, and check ’em out!!!

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Interview with Mike McTernan from Damnation AD; Played Revelation Records 25th Anniversary in NYC

Here’s a little on the spot interview I conducted with Mike Mcternan from Damnation AD, the first real hardcore band I ever laid eyes on in concert. It was February 12th, 1995, and life really hasn’t been the same for me since. When you feel the floor pulsate prior to a band’s entrance, only to erupt in movement and activity once they begin performing, for some of us, it’s not a feeling that can be honestly described or understood… It just overtakes the senses. Hardcore is frickin’ fantastic if you get it, and a complete mystery if you do not.

Mike proved to be one of the most soft spoken, friendly, and accommodating gentlemen i’ve met during my time conducting interviews, and I owe him a huge thank you for taking the time to speak with me on such short notice. Click READ MORE for the full interview.

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