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Interview with SHWIZZ from Catskill Chill 2012

*** This was a live interview with Shwizz during Catskill Chill 2012, completed while they were setting up for a late night open cabin jam. Great bunch of guys in it for the right reason. It’s a quick one, so give them a moment of your time. You may just find yourself a new favorite act!***

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*Full Band* Interview with Halifax’s KESTRELS

Kestrels are an alternative rock trio from Halifax, Nova Scotia, seemingly removed from the decade that birthed them. In a wash of 90’s nostalgia and grungy guitar gurgles, the band reminds me of many of garage rock’s finer points, which will delight hipsters and fans of melodic and noisy yet easily digestible amalgamations of indie alt-rock.

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***Updated: THIS IS NOW A 2-DAY EVENT! 12/28-29 AT BLACK CAT!

All I can say is “WHOA!” DAG NASTY REUNION 12/28/12

Thanks to Stereokiller for the news!

Interview with Jeff Lloyd from THE HEAVY PETS (@theheavypets)


The Heavy Pets rolled through Syracuse, NY again on September 19, and it’s always good to have the Floridian reggae/jam/rockers back in Upstate, NY. Their youthful energy is a great way to help bring in the weekend, even if it’s only Thursday. I’m always down to get things started a day early, and having T.H.P. here to provide the soundtrack suits me just fine.

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Review of CATSKILL CHILL 2012 – Camp Minglewood, Hancock, NY

Camp Minglewood in Hancock, NY was the spot to be at from September 7-9, as tons of acts, fans, and hoola hoop enthusiasts from all over descended upon the humble, quiet town to celebrate this year’s installment The Catskill Chill festival. I’ll admit Destiny, both my own and my lovely contact at Brotherly Love Productions, crept up on me unaware, because I had never even heard of the Chill beforehand. But that was a mistake of my own doing, because the 3-day event is definitely something I will attend next year, crazy weather and all. The sold out show brought in crowds from miles around all anxiously awaiting a weekend of hip jams, bright lights, and a super friendly atmosphere.

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