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BATTERY Reunion show in DC 10/10/12; FREE ticket link below.

Go get ’em! One of DC’s finest in a rare appearance after many years. You can catch them at Rev 25 at Irving Plaza in NYC as well!

Interview with Joey, Billy, and Dan from 3 (@officialband3)

The band 3 made their way to Syracuse, NY on September 24, 2012, and I was positive there’d be no chance to get anywhere near them. Currently touring with the still-wildly popular Coheed and Cambria, themselves on the verge of a brand new record, I found myself all but shut out of getting in the door. Famous bands hitting small cities tend to do that though, and there I was heartbroken that tickets were all gone. But, in a first for human beings anywhere, my case of the Mondays worked out in my favor. Imagine that?

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Interview with Freddy Cricien (@freddymb) from MADBALL; Playing @ECTsunami Fest this weekend!

In my humble opinion, NY Hardcore is where it all started. There may be a few of you out there who think D.C. did it first, or Boston is better, or ask what about California, but whatever. New York Hardcore not only helped to form the foundation of most scenes around the world, but is also one of the only scenes on the planet that still remains true to where it all started… The streets. And one cannot bring up a conversation about NYHC without mentioning the band that made it cool for little kids to scream into a microphone… Madball.

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Interview with Michael Fleischmann from VISION OF DISORDER (@vod_band); Playing @ECTsunami THIS WEEKEND!

Being in a band for 20 years is no easy task. Any act that manages to stay together this long will undoubtedly deal with hard times, fucked up situations with the music business, and ultimately question their ability and influence within a drastically flooded marketplace. The key things to remember in these circumstances are the bonds you have with your fellow musicians, and the magic you can make together if you remember why you got involved with music to begin with. Music is a curious art form and a vehicle for self-expression that can change with time, but don’t tell that to one-hit wonder lovers.

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CHAIN OF STRENGTH Secret show video from 9/15/12!

Revelation Records is an incredible company. 25 years and still going strong!

Check out the full CHAIN OF STRENGTH set from the secret invite only show on 9/15/12!

Rev… We owe you a debt of gratitude!

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