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Interview with John and Gabriel from Consider The Source. Playing @CatskillChill next weekend!

“Sci-Fi Middle Eastern Funk, ” as New York City’s Consider The Source describe themselves, kind of makes me think about Bootsy Collins riding on the Millenium Falcon hovering over Saudi Arabia. Seriously though, can’t you just visualize it? Maybe not, but if a power trio takes this much effort to define their sound, I can only imagine what their rehearsals are like. I’m sold.

Consider The Source’s mystique lie in their multi-directional approach to writing, a fusion of complex rhythmic patterns, partially learned when the group spent time studying talas in India, with a blend of driving rock, psychedelic sound scapes, and Middle Eastern flair. The group continues to forge their path into the musical spotlight, performing at a very wide array of venues and festivals all over the world. These appearances include slots at Burning Man, PowWow, and Dogwood Fests alongside such acts as Victor Wooten, Wyclef Jean, Grace Potter and The Nocturnals, and many others. Read More…

Peace’d Out track “White Pyramid” up right now… Be the first to hear it!

Here is a brand new song from Peace’d Out titled “White Pyramid.” Be the first to hear it right here:

They’ve got a 10″ coming out soon, and it looks like we have ourselves a slight mystery band on our hands.  Peace’d Out self-titled 10″ is available for preorder now:

And here’s a few more teasers to get you going. 



Hop to it and tell us what you think!

Interview with Stephen Jackson from The Pietasters

Washington D.C.’s The Pietasters are one of the longest running Ska bands on the market today. Formed in 1990, the soul slinging, hard partying band represents the finest of youthful energy combined with adult situations. Anyone who has seen the group can tell you that their performances are lighthearted, beer saturated dance-a-thons that feature bouncy grooves, catchy melodies, and a reason to leave the drama at home. The band’s rise to prominence was inevitable, and their impressive catalogue of releases, EP’s, and compilation appearances have made them a household name amongst Ska enthusiasts.

However, life does have a way of throwing touring musicians a mighty curveball at times. The band has endured several lineup changes during their tenure, most notably the tragic passing of longtime bassist Todd Eckhardt. But the band marches on, taking their soulful sound on the road to this very day. They’ve recently had their classic album, “Oolooloo,” released on vinyl for the first time, and you can buy it HERE (if it’s still available… RUN!)

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Propagandhi “Failed States” album stream!

Hey folks,

If you need a bit of Canada’s finest screaming through your speakers today, you can stop looking. Go to Propagandhi’s Facebook page, “Like” it (you should’ve done this already,) and go to it!

Happy Monday!

Less Than Jake and Fear Nuttin Band in Hartford, Ct. 8/19/12


The lovely and talented Pam Janutolo, along with ska record pressing maniac Matt Flood from Asbestos Records, made a trip to Hartford last weekend to catch a 4-way throw down at Comcast Center featuring Fear Nuttin Band, Less Than Jake, Pepper, and Sublime with Rome.

While we couldn’t get full access to all the groups due to time constraints, we were able to get some shots of FNB and LTJ, and it looked like a great time! If only Canada wasn’t so far away, i’d have been there myself.

Check out shots of FNB and LTJ below, and give them some love by clicking the links to their pages.

Fear Nuttin Band

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