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Dopapod Interview with Neal “Fro” Evans; Playing Catskill Chill

Talk about a band that has its name come up everywhere lately! Dopapod do not appear to be holding anything back in recent months, and their tenacity and dedication appears to be paying off very well. The 4-piece group has logged many miles and performed at some of the best festivals the US has to offer, including Bonnaroo, Burning Man, Camp Bisco, and many, many more. It only makes sense that that’d also be one of the highlights of this year’s Catskill Chill fest, taking place from September 7-9 in Hancock, NY. Check out the insane lineup for that below! And not a group to slow down (ever), if you can’t make the Chill this year, they’ll also be coming to Ithaca, NY on December 1st, courtesy of their bad selves and Dan Smalls Presents!

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Reel Big Fish “Candy Coated Fury” Album Review

It’s the middle of summer and it seems that Reel Big Fish has come out with the perfect album for the season. Candy Coated Fury, RBF’s latest edition to their discography of fun-loving, sarcastic hits, is packed full of all the things that make us love them.  From their killer horn licks, snarky break-up songs, and sharply candid lyricism right down to their easily skank-able beats, Reel Big Fish has done it again.

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Public Enemy Interview with CHUCK D.

Radio sponsored music festivals are often chaotic, disorganized places filled to the brim with creative types, business folk, and overly drunken patrons, and this year’s installment of Syracuse’s K-Rockathon was no exception. Arriving at noon to work, I pulled into the parking lot, greeted by a $15 parking charge and an endless barrage of people wobbling in front of my car, only to find out that my creds were, at that point, nonexistent. Four and a half hours later, everything finally worked out and I got into the venue. But you don’t want to read about my boo-hoo Sunday Sob Story, so let’s get to it.

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311 Interview with SA Martinez

All else aside, it’d be difficult for me to find a band that influenced my youth more than 311. On the way to buy tickets to see White Zombie, my buddy Brandon popped in a copy of their first release on Capricorn Records, “Music,” and it was all over… Fandom can strike mighty hard, and this was one of those times. After a few years, they broke through the mainstream ceiling with their self-titled “blue” album, and every college kid around the country fell in love. I hated it, but you can’t keep a secret like 311 quiet for long.

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Pilfers Interview with Coolie Ranx

I gotta say… It’ll be a cold day in Hell when I stop thinking about the insanity and amusement of my many experiences watching The Pilfers perform. Formed when members Coolie Ranx, Vinnie Nobile, James Blanck, Anna Milet-Meyer, and Nick Bacon left their spots in The Toasters, Bim Skala Bim, Skinnerbox, and The Erratics (respectively), the 5-piece unit was a beacon of the Ska scene from their very first recording.

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