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Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey – Xerox Auditorium – Rochester, NY


Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey was one of the many impressive acts who performed at the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival this year. Making a stop during their tour of the East Coast to enlighten us with their progressive jazz sound and powerful stage presence, the group consists of Brian Haas (piano), Chris Combs (lap steel), Jeff Harshbarger (upright bass), Josh Raymer (drums), and guest artist Mark Southerland (saxophone).  This trip, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey is bringing to life their newest project, The Race Riot Suite.

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Municipal Waste Interview with Tony Foresta

I frickin’ love Municipal Waste! This is the second time I’ve interviewed these guys in about 3 months, and they haven’t left the road yet. Upon finishing up an opening slot for Gwar and taking a very brief time apart (so members could go on other tours with other bands), the group promptly found themselves right back on the road to continue touring in support of their latest release, “The Fatal Feast.”

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Reel Big Fish Interview with Johnny Christmas and Derek Gibbs

The 3rd Wave of Ska Music came and went in a mighty rush. Due in large part to MTV and the formation of Warped Tour in 1995, Ska was thrust into a spotlight it had never before seen, and hasn’t seen since. It always intrigues me when I hear people say that they “used to like Ska” music. What was it that turned you off from it, and why can’t you appreciate it anymore? Growing up shouldn’t mean leaving old friends behind.

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Suburban Legends Interview with Brian and Vince

Everybody get ready to move around… A lot! Hailing from Huntington Beach, California, Suburban Legends play some of the poppiest Ska-Rock stuff around. Also incredibly hardworking, the group may very well hold the record for most shows played in a single year. Need a number? Almost 1000 in 2002! In a double dose of 3rd Wave Ska reporting today, The Summer of Ska 2012 tour prominently features the band at Syracuse’s Own Lost Horizon.

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Queensryche ousts singer Geoff Tate

It appears Geoff Tate has been tossed from Queensryche due to “creative differences.” Check out the article right HERE:

Now hair metal castrati, this band really has no purpose existing anymore. I mean, it was hard enough knowing Chris DeGarmo wasn’t playing with them anymore, but Geoff? Is there anybody listening??? No… There is nobody listening from now on. No Tate, No Ryche. Bummer.

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