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Archive: Interview with Alexis Brown from STRAIGHT LIVE STITCH @slsband1

Formed in 2000, Knoxville, Tennessee’s Straight Line Stitch is a 5-pc metalcore group with a long history. Boasting a 4 album 3 EP catalogue, the band has been pushing forward into the mainstream music environment, bent on becoming a force within the metal community. It hasn’t always been an easy trek (the group has had more than 10 members come and go during their tenure), but the most recent lineup is arguably the tightest, most driven they’ve seen to date.

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Primus Landmark Theater – Syracuse, NY 5/20/12

Does anybody not like Primus? I mean, I know “Primus Sucks” and all, but are there people out there who don’t get at least a chuckle when they hear Les Claypool’s voice on record? He may not be the most charismatic, exuberant, or athletic frontman in the world, but he is definitely one of the most unique and talented.

So it was a blast getting to watch the outlandish trio at Landmark Theater in Syracuse, NY again after a long absence. Their “Evening with” performance featured 2 sets of music like only Primus can make… Quirky, catchy, and abnormally poppy. Les Claypool, Larry LeLonde, and new (old) drummer Jay Lane putting their expansive output on display is a great way to end a weekend.

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Archive: Interview with Sim Redmond from SIM REDMOND BAND

Ithaca, NY based Sim Redmond Band is something to behold. Formed in 1999, the 6-piece have traveled many miles to bring their distinctive sound and positive energy to eager fans. The group’s unique blend of Roots/Afro-Caribbean/Reggae is a strong statement of how lively and diverse our local music scene really is. Offering strong rhythm, wonderful melody, and rich three-part harmonies, the group truly reaches their crowd with intent.

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ARCHIVE: Interview with Liz Berlin from RUSTED ROOT

Rusted Root has been turning their performances into sweaty, sticky joy since 1990. I’m convinced the group could get the guards of the Royal Palace bobbing their heads in unison with their infectious rhythms and happy melodies.

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Interview with Kevin Martin from Candlebox

Candlebox shook the Earth when they dropped their seminal self-titled album in 1993. As Maverick Records’ first commercially successful act, the Seattle quintet had a meteoric rise to fame, amazing their fans with super loud, high-energy live shows and hit-filled releases. Kevin Martin’s powerfully unique voice, heavy, melodic guitars, and rock solid rhythm made them media darlings for many years.

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