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Archive: Interview with Dan Maines from CLUTCH!

Chevy Celebrity. 1983. Not nearly as cool as the vehicle described on “Spacegrass,” my introduction to Clutch back in high school, but it got me around. A staple on the Top 9 at 9 on K-Rock for months, a buddy of mine and I would hop into my ride, pack a bowl, and anxiously await the DJ to drop the tune. A fan is born.

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Archive: Interview with Dave Simonett from TRAMPLED BY TURTLES

Still wildly hot after their highly praised SXSW performances, Trampled By Turtles is making their way to our city in just over a week! With a (spectacular) new album fresh off the presses, I have a feeling this band is going to exponentially increase their fan base this year … Bluegrass lovers take heed.

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Big Leg Emma “Revival” Album Review

I’ll say it upfront… This album is very, very good! “Revival,” the latest offering from Jamestown, NY’s Big Leg Emma, is 12 tracks of amazing Bluegrass/Folk/Rock songs that dig right in and make you listen. I am not sure why this is my first exposure to the group, but it certainly will not be the last.

Tapped as one of the headliners for this year’s Fiddler’s Picnic in June, the sextet are all furious musicians with a clear vision of what they want to write, and how to play it well. This is one of the densest, cleanest recordings I have listened to all year… The songs work very nicely with one and other and make for a superb listening feel.

“Revival” offers a great mix of upbeat and mellow tracks, wielding a wide range of emotionality that can cater to just about any mood. The vocal harmonies really shine on this album… “The Real You” is probably my favorite track (so far… I’ll be listening again and again) and the musicianship of this band, the dynamic range, and the chops they bring to “Revival” are fantastic! I feel fortunate to find out about Big Leg Emma just as they re-enter the performance world after a 2-year hiatus.

Here’s to an excellent second wave for B.L.E.!!! Come get a glimpse and have some fun with them at Fiddler’s Picnic in June!

Archive: Interview with Jojo, Jon, and Tak from NERVE @jojomayernerve

Far too often, opening acts on highly popular bills fall by the wayside. You know it’s true… Your favorite band is set to take the stage at 10pm and, instead of checking out the 8 o’clock performers, you go to the bar next door because they have $3 drink specials, no line at the bar, and a cute waitress. Though this interview will probably hit the stands after the 3/31/12 DJ Shadow show at Westcott Theatre, those in the know, or simply in early enough, will undoubtedly be raving about opening act Nerve.

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Archive: Interview with HOT DAY AT THE ZOO

New England is a hotbed for upcoming talent. It is always a pleasure visiting Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine because I know there will be some sort of live music event occurring. Large or small, the musical environment in these states is always impressive, impassioned, and energetic.

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