the afro nips

Apologies to all of you for my extended absence…

For my first one back in a while, let’s shout out some local good guys who win the “Most Appropriately Titled Album of the Day”: Syracuse, NY 2-piece The Afro Nips’ latest album, Get High, just dropped, right now, on April 20th, 2015. Coincidence? I think not.

Mastermind/Creator/Writer/Vocalist/Guitarist/Drummer/All-Around Nice Guy Mike Watson is no stranger to releasing cathartic output during his tenure as tormented genius, and his group’s latest attempt continues onward with this trend. The 11-track ode to self-destruction combines elements of Punk’s aesthetic, Stoner Rock sonics, Hardcore’s intensity, and just enough suicidal tendency to run head-first into a brick wall, especially when reading through song titles like “I’ll Fuck Up and Lose My Mind” or ”I Wish I Could Take This Back.” So if you’re into that kinda thing (we certainly are,) you should probably grab yourself a copy, and let me be the first person to welcome you to Syracuse, NY’s 2015 Death-Pop Extravaganza.

Recorded for AUX Records at Square Studio (with Steve Sopchak,) Watson’s brilliance seems only trumped by his expediency, as Get High was apparently tracked in (1) four-hour session with Watson handling all performance duties sans live drummer Charles Spataro. An impressive feat, if you ask me.

Replete with odes to excessive indulgence, desperation, and titles that suggest a not-so-pleasant outcome, let’s just hope they include a lyric sheet for comprehension, and a few drink tickets to ease the pain. With content that conjures up a sound more closely related to the after-effects of a 3-day meth binge than a celebratory recreational toke of an unnecessarily illegal plant, Get High is an intense ride.

Track List:

Let’s Do Drugs

I Wish I Could Take This Back


Loving Life

I’ll Fuck Up and Lose My Mind

She Does Not Love Me

Please Call Me Back

Die Die Die

I Fell Apart

I Feel You’re Sadder Now