— For Fans of Hole, Paramore, Green Day and No Doubt —

“If you haven’t heard, you’re about to find your newest guilty pleasure” – Curve Magazine

“Vocalist Kat Hamilton is a force of Nature” – Fuck Yeah Queer Music

“A powerful album of well written music that will definitely make a name for Manic Pixi” – Unsigned & Unleashed

“A unique blend of rock n’ roll grit & infectious pop glam” – Under The Gun Review

“It will change your image of pop lyrics forever ” – Goodnight Magazine

BROOKLYN, NY // September 16, 2014 – MANIC PIXI released their debut album Sugarbomb!today, a pop-grunge album bursting with bold and catchy tunes!

Listen to the full album on it’s exclusive pre-release stream via AltSounds and download a free copy of the single “Tongue Tunnel” via SwitchBitch Noise!

Manic Pixi are a LGBT-friendly band full of ceaseless energy and playful antics. Their first album Sugar Bomb! covers a range of topics and versatile styles, from punchy-pop singles like “Kiss Me” to soulful, ballad-like songs such as “Blue Wine”. Drummer Emmett Ceglia comments,“Blue Wine is probably the most different song on the record. Its drumbeat in the verse is a blast and a challenge to play. The climax at the end is unbeatable.”

The band recently premiered their music video for single “Kiss Me” with Curve Magazine which was produced in conjunction with Yacht Club Promotions, bringing the band’s high-energy and loveable personality to the screen. “I love Kiss Me. One show I watched Marsh play one handed hammer ons while motioning cunnilingus with his other during the chorus, and now, all I think about is his other mouth!” adds bassist Tom Shani.

Manic Pixi’s Sugar Bomb! is now available for purchase at Manicpixi.bandcamp.com. They will be celebrating with a weekend of record release shows that include 9/20 in Boston, MA at The Middle East and 9/21 in Brooklyn, NY at The Silent Barn


Manic Pixi’s Sugar Bomb! was produced by Giuliano D’Orazio, Joe Ulmer, Josh Nachbar, Emmett Ceglia, Kat Hamilton, Eric Thorfinnson and engineered by Joe Ulmer, Giuliano D’Orazio, Eric Thorfinnson, CJ Cochran and Emmett Ceglia. It was mixed and mastered by CJ Cochran ofOutline in Color. All music and lyrics by Kat Hamilton and arrangements by Manic Pixi with the exception of “Hangover” which was written by Kat Hamilton and April Bender.


Manic Pixi is the pop-grunge brainchild of Lead singer, Kat Hamilton and Drummer, Emmett Ceglia. The two met at Berklee College of Music, performing as Slam poets. After a year of high-energy performances on the Boston circuit, Manic Pixi relocated to Brooklyn, New York. Since the bands first show in 2012, they have rotated through many lineups. The band currently performs as a four piece with the addition of guitarist Marshall Biever, and current bassist Drew Bastian.

Manic Pixi has a ballsy, genre bending sound all their own. They have been described as Hole mixed with Green Day, No Doubt, Letters to Cleo and Paramore. In December 2013 they released their first single, “Hangover” which garnered public acclaim, and followed by their second single “Kiss Me” in March 2014.

Track Listing

Sweet Tooth
You Can’t Kill Me

Suddenly Stuck
I’m Still Fighting
Under Your Spell
Tongue Tunnel
Kiss Me
Meteor Shower
Lions Cage
Blue Wine

Band Members

Kat Hamilton: Vocals
Emmett Ceglia: Drums
Tom Shani: Bass
Marshall Biever: Guitar

Connect with Manic Pixi:

facebook: MANICPIXI
bandcamp : MANICPIXI
soundcloud : MANICPIXI
website : MANICPIXI.com