Ok, so you probably realize by now that I will forever consider Consider The Source a bunch of forward-thinking musical badasses. Their first release in 4 years, World War Trio is certain to be another brilliant burst of musical energy. Combined with the technical know-how of the Bunker Studio fellas in Brooklyn, and you’ve got yourself one for the ages. It’s worth it for the title alone.  I’m proud of these guys!

Consider The Source Announces First Studio Release in Four Years

Part 1 of World War Trio Debuting Halloween 2014

NEW YORK, NEW YORK — September 3rd, 2014 — Instrumental trio Consider the Source, the planet’s preeminent Sci-Fi Middle Eastern Fusion ensemble, has announced their first studio release in four years. The three disc collection, World War Trio, will be released separately. With their patented Middle Eastern sound and dazzling displays of furious virtuosity taking a backseat, the first of the three, “Put Another Rock in That Bag”, will debut October 31st, 2014 as an EPboasting a unique compositional approach. The second and third discs will be released as a double album in Winter 2015, but the initial EP will feature a short “Making of World War Trio” documentary with previews.

Recorded at Bunker Studio in Brooklyn, NY and funded by a successful Indiegogo campaign, World War Trio spans three discs and a universe of sonic territory. The compilation will be their first studio recording with drummer/percussionist Jeff Mann, whose recent addition has supercharged the band’s chemistry. The release perfectly encapsulates the trio’s masterful improvisation, frantic energy, and unique blend of progressive rock and Middle Eastern music that has brought them worldwide acclaim.

Disc one, “Put Another Rock in that Bag”, is an epic twenty-five minute work divided into six parts. Compositionally driven and showcasing their songwriting prowess, the EP is a departure from their usual style. It features a section written by Jan Zehrfeld of Panzerballett, with whom the band toured Germany and the US. Consider the Source will premiere the work on Halloween in Albany, NY with a full performance of the EP, launching a tour that will lead to the release of discs two and three in Winter 2015. This double album will highlight the multi-faceted diversity of Consider the Source, with authentic instruments from around the world, acoustic songs, ballads, and improvised pieces.


About Consider The Source

With deep roots in improvisational jazz and progressive rock, Consider The Source provides an instrumental experience that can be best described as an “Indo-Eastern aural awakening”. Their psychedelic fusion of American jazz, funk, and heavy metal with Middle Eastern classical and folk music translates into an eclectic musical intensity that has become so characteristic of their performances. Vibrant rhythmic forces and complex melodic ornamentation blur the lines between chaos and serenity, showcasing the band’s exceptional talent and otherworldly energy.