Our good friends in The Bottom Dollars continue to party their way all over the country with a nasty blend of Bluesy Rock n Roll and (occasionally incorrigible) antics. In the true spirit of music and fun, these fellas are building up a solid name with some of the best in the biz, recently sharing the stage at Brooklyn Bowl with Talib Kweli and Res. Good shit, folks!

Today, I’m happy to share with you their latest video for “Devil’s Night.” The video, a collaboration with Shoot People, looks great, but since most blind people could better express their thoughts on visual art than I could, I figured i’d let the creator tell you about it himself. 

“For this video, I was shooting for a certain aesthetic. Some of my favorite early memories as a child were totally tangible, like the feel of the pages in a child’s animated book. For example, Max and the Milky Way, Dr. Seuss, and The Snowman featuring an introduction by David Bowie. Even though the plots were loose in animations like these, the feelings they left in my psyche were long lasting. Take the hands on approach of early South Park episodes, and couple it with the attitude of off-beat, old school war time animations about smoking and propaganda, and that’s the style I was shooting for. But more trippy and psyched out. There is something beautiful and romantic that happens when you cut paper with your hands, shape it, and shoot it, one frame at a time. To me, this feeling is paralleled by the great music out there.”

-Dan “Shappy” Shapiro

Great band, great guys, and a great video! Give it a watch and make sure to check out The Bottom Dollars when they hit your town. Word of advice: Get ready to party and take the next day off from work.