Legendary Anthrax shredder Scott Ian made a stop in Syracuse, NY during his “Speaking Words” tour on March 6th, marking his first appearance at our beloved mainstay venue, Lost Horizon, in many, many years. Flooded with animated graphics, quirky anecdotes, a paternity squabble, and stories that’ll probably put your best late night tall-tales to absolute shame, the experience was, at very least, interesting.

Though the “musician-turned-spoken word artist” concept can be a touchy thing, Scott is one of the few people who can get away with charging us money to hear him talk. Why? Because he talks about meeting and drinking with Lemmy (at a bar that made Lost Horizon look chic… Yikes!) He talks about really, really drinking with Dimebag Darrell. He talks about pulling pranks with/on any number of folks we “normals” consider metal royalty. We pay, he talks, we listen, and it’s totally worth the ticket. He’s just one of those guys that you want to listen to, and why not?

The animated, occasionally graphic pictorials illustrating his stories provided a nice diversion from the bare-bones, man-in-front-of-you attack one expects to encounter during pie chart work meetings. For instance, the meme worthy “Lemmy in Daisy Dukes” picture spent more than its fair share of time on the screen, reminding us that even the coolest of cool people have embarrassing photos, and their friends aren’t afraid to share and judge them at will because of it (not that someone like Lemmy would possibly give a shit, of course.) But hearing Scott rail on the guy who got him so drunk he had to be carried out of a heap of London garbage by his manager makes for an entertaining 15 minutes. Have a look for yourself…


Can you imagine Scott Ian talking about this picture?

Given the above, rest assured you shouldn’t expect any political discourse or mind-bending social philosophizing ala Biafra or Rollins. Think more along the lines of ‘I was so drunk that…” or ‘Dimebag would call me in for a Blacktooth Grin or 12…” etc. etc. These things, and his occasional razzing members of the crowd, who may have enjoyed the bar a little bit too much themselves, helped him stay connected to us. And when the performance turned into an episode of Maury Povich during the Q&A, it really got kinda fun (in a really sad way.) Keeping it short, and speaking in no uncertain terms: “When it comes to the guy who grooms his goatee and shaves his head to look just like him (albeit with an additional 100 or so pounds),” Scott (making it clear) declared he “is NOT the father.” I’m inclined to believe him.

Ultimately, his 90+ minutes with us painted a humorous portrait of a Jewish guy from NYC who made big waves in a metal band, and that’s alright by me. Scott is a friendly, interesting character with a long list of good stories and experiences to share, and he knows how to tell them.

So, you get 50% booze, 50% Lemmy, 50% Dime, and 200% Scott. It’s worth every penny, and make sure to buy one of the logo shirts and hats from the merch booth, too. You’ll understand when you see them.